Mother’s Negligence Suit Against Quest’s Athena Could Broadly Impact Genetic Testing Labs

Christian Millare had a severe seizure on Jan. 5, 2008, and died. He was two years old. His mother Amy Williams is convinced, based on his medical records, the opinions of experts, and the published literature, that her son's life didn't have to come to such a premature end. Eight years later, Williams is suing [...]

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When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance

At a time when genetic testing and genetically personalized treatments for cancer are proliferating, buoyed by new resources like President Obama’s $215 million personalized medicine initiative, women with breast cancerare facing a frustrating reality: The genetic data is there, but in many cases, doctors do not know what to do with it. That was the situation Angie Watts, 44, [...]

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