Wenora Johnson
Patient/Research Advocate

A three-time Cancer survivor (Colorectal, Endometrial and Basel  Cell Carcinoma), Volunteer Research/Patient Advocate and Navy  Veteran.  

As a volunteer with various organizations, she shares her  understanding of policy; research; genetic testing; hereditary  cancer; patient engagement and clinical trials with patients and the healthcare community.  

Being a Lynch Syndrome patient, Wenora advocates for genetic  testing and awareness. She serves on various panels and review  boards to provide extensive feedback on her role as a patient and  research advocate with organizations such as CAP (College of  American Pathologist); Clinical Trials Curator for Fight CRC;  FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) Research  Advocate, Peer Navigator and Board Member; a Consumer  Reviewer for the DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program; a  PCORI Ambassador and Clinical Trials Panel Member; IRB for  local community hospital; NRG Oncology Patient Advocate Committee Member and the AACR Scientist~Survivor Program – presenting a poster on financial toxicities and disparities among  minority patients and a National Quality Forum (NQF) Cancer  Standing Committee Member. She has written various patient  advocate blogs and participated as a guest speaker/panelist.