Center for Genomic Interpretation Launches ELEVATEGENETICS BRILLIANT Program

May 27, 2021 | News, Press Release

Center for Genomic Interpretation Launches ELEVATEGENETICS BRILLIANT Program™
Innovative technical competency assessment is a game changer in evaluating the accuracy of genetic and genomic lab testing and results reporting

Annapolis, MD / PRWeb / May 27, 2021 – The Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) recently
launched the ELEVATEGENETICS BRILLIANT™ Program. The innovative technical competency
assessment is a game changer in evaluating the accuracy of genetic and genomic lab findings. The new
program fills existing regulatory and accreditation gaps by assessing how well laboratory DNA
sequencing tests can detect and rigorously classify important mutations and therapeutic biomarkers,
especially in genetic sequences that are technically challenging. The dynamic CGI solution supports a
wide range of stakeholders by helping ensure more accurate genetic/genomic testing and reporting, which improves the fidelity of patient treatment plans and promotes better clinical outcomes.

“Inaccurate genetic/genomic test results often lead to inappropriate downstream medical care that can
harm patients and are wasteful to the healthcare system,” notes Julie Eggington, MS, PhD, CGI’s CEO
and co-founder. “Seemingly equivalent genetic/genomic testing laboratories that have all the same
accreditations and regulatory approvals can vary greatly in their results. While no diagnostic test is perfect
in every scenario, efforts must be made to protect patients from diagnostic tests with flaws that can be
discovered through independent evaluation. We need solutions that improve the accuracy of
genetic/genomic testing by addressing these deficiencies to promote better clinical and financial

The ELEVATEGENETICS BRILLIANT Program uses advanced in silico proficiency testing to assess
widely used next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. The Program can be used to evaluate the
competency of hereditary or germline disease tests, as well as solid or liquid tumor profiling tests.

“I am excited to be part of CGI’s ELEVATEGENETICS BRILLIANT program,” adds John Pfeifer, MD,
PhD. “Many genetics/genomics tests have not been sufficiently evaluated for their ability to detect important and common types of disease variants. This lack of validation results in diagnostic, prognostic and theragnostic tests with higher than necessary false negative rates. BRILLIANT fills the need for more sophisticated variant detection validation.” Dr. Pfeifer is a member of CGI’s Standards Committee and a thought leader in molecular genetic testing protocols.

CGI is offering several unique ELEVATEGENETICS programs that establish meaningful and actionable
pathways to improve genetic/genomic testing, analysis and reporting. For payers, ELEVATEGENETICS
metrics offer unique evaluations when selecting and contracting with laboratories.  For laboratories, these
programs offer a unique third-party review focusing on key aspects of the genetic/genomic testing process which can dramatically improve the accuracy of test findings.

For more information about CGI, see www.genomicinterpretation.org.

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