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Direct access to world leaders in clinical genetics research. CGI offers tailored premium concierge services to patients, clinicians and other consumers who have specific and unique clinical genetics research and support needs.

CGI Concierge Service™

The research speciality of genetic variant interpretation is relatively new, with a limited talent pool of experienced clinical scientists. Almost all leaders in the field are locked up within commercial laboratories or companies and are unable to provide research consultation services directly to patients or clinicians outside of the services offered by their employer. Through CGI Concierge Service™, CGI has broken down the barrier between clinical genetic experts and patients. CGI offers best in class research services to genetic patients, clinicians and other consumers with needs unrelated to or not adequately met by CGI’s Variant FactChecker™ service. CGI Concierge Service™ is a paid service.


CGI Concierge Service™ is custom-designed to fit the exact research needs of each client. Please contact us directly, or provide your contact information in the form below for CGI to contact you.  Please also provide a brief explanation of your clinical genetic research needs (optional).

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