Mother’s Negligence Suit Against Quest’s Athena Could Broadly Impact Genetic Testing Labs

Christian Millare had a severe seizure on Jan. 5, 2008, and died. He was two years old.

His mother Amy Williams is convinced, based on his medical records, the opinions of experts, and the published literature, that her son’s life didn’t have to come to such a premature end. Eight years later, Williams is suing Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest reference labs in the US, and its subsidiary Athena Diagnostics, which in 2007 tested Christian for mutations in the SCN1A gene.

In a lawsuit filed last month in the fifth judicial circuit court in Richland County, South Carolina, Williams alleges that because Athena failed to follow federal lab regulations and accurately classify the genetic mutation causing her son’s epileptic seizures, he continued to receive treatment that worsened his condition and caused his death.


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