Myriad Genetics will be contributing to the #ClinVar database starting spring of 2023, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants!

“Over recent months, Myriad has focused on lifting barriers that have hindered clinicians, health systems, and genetic counselors from working with the company previously. For example, the company rolled out a self-pay option for its tests and partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to add somatic variant testing capabilities to its #germline analysis offerings — changes that clinicians wanted to see at the company, according to Thomas Slavin. As part of the Intermountain Healthcare program, Myriad also launched a registry to share with researchers de-identified, aggregate genomic and clinical data from patients.”

In our experience at Center for Genomic Interpretation, it is a challenge for many labs to DETECT the variant and CLASSIFY the variant correctly. CGI can assist your lab, office or insurance company in an accuracy evaluation today!

The full article on GenomeWeb can be viewed here.

 With little to no regulation on the accuracy of hereditary cancer genetic tests, as they are all Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) without FDA oversight, Center For Genomic Interpretation is here to help you ensure your chosen lab is delivering accurate results for your patients.  Follow CGI on LinkedIn and visit our website https://www.genomicinterpretation.org/elevategenetics/ to learn more!