September 2022 – The Data Driven Point of View

Sep 8, 2022 | News


How can YOU maximize value in precision medicine?  Is precision medicine truly precise?  

The American Journal of Clinical Pathology recently published an article stating that only 37% of NGS oncology clinical labs reported ALL important mutations in their study.  Is accuracy for 3 or 4 of your cancer patients out of 10 good enough when choosing medical and surgical management decision making based on these results?

While no diagnostic test is perfect, efforts must be made to ensure that patients are receiving accurate results!


The nonprofit Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) can assist by taking a non-biased approach by reviewing testing options to ensure the tests are being accurately represented. When choosing a genetic testing lab, ensure you are ordering or choosing a lab for ‘in network’ status that is delivering accurate results! Let us analyze this quickly and inexpensively today! Our review of a lab test’s technical accuracy costs less than a single risk reducing surgery or precision medicine therapy option.

CGI can assist with this project, as well as with creating transparency with other ¨preferred¨ labs for multiple precision therapeutic areas, all of which are a large cost for potentially false positive, false negative or misleading results. Please contact us today to set up a time to learn more and start the analysis of your ¨preferred¨ comprehensive genetic or genomic profiling labs. Thank you for also adding CGI to your known address list, as relevant monthly updates on genetics and genomics will be sent for your education and review.

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