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Resolution of rare genetic variants of uncertain significance for families.

Often, Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS) are identified in patients who undergo genetic testing. VUS is simply a classification given to a genetic variant when there is either conflicting or too little evidence to classify the variants as harmful or benign. VUSs have only a small chance of actually causing disease and most VUSs are eventually discovered to be benign. However, the true clinical meaning of any VUS is still uncertain. VUSolve® is a pioneering service provided by the Center for Genomic Interpretation that allows, in some circumstances, for the discovery of the true clinical meaning of a patient’s VUS.

Through the VUSolve® service, CGI scientists will first evaluate your VUS to determine whether the clinical meaning of the VUS is likely to be discovered through forensic genealogy. If CGI scientists determine a case as being a strong candidate for VUSolve®, CGI scientists will then work with you to determine whether or not you wish to engage in a forensic genealogy project to potentially uncover the true meaning of the VUS.

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Get involved in solving for the interpretation of your genetic Variant of Uncertain Significance (VUS).


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