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As a genetics patient or consumer, you should never have to worry about the accuracy of the clinical genetic test you received from a testing company, hospital or clinic. We aim to serve you by aiding the genetics companies with which you test. As a trusted third party with a non-profit business model, we will work with genetic testing companies to help them achieve the highest-accuracy genetic variant interpretations for you.


Recent advances in clinical genetics make it possible to estimate false positive rates in inherited clinical genetic variant interpretation. The greater than 50% false positive rate estimate (averaged across the commercial clinical genetic testing industry) has many causes with challenging solutions. Accurate genetic variant interpretation is complicated and expensive, with an insufficient talent pool of experienced clinical scientists to meet the growing demand among genetic testing companies. As testing companies work to keep costs low for their customers, many cannot afford the manual efforts and software engineering needed to improve their variant interpretation approach. Furthermore, siloed databases and pricing pressures prevent companies from internally funding new clinical discoveries to help past, current and future patients receive more accurate variant interpretations. Companies need CGI’s real-time solutions to serve their customers better.

Variant FactChecker™ is an individual, patient-level solution offered by CGI to address false positives. CGI also aims to work with genetic testing companies toward a rapid and sustainable solution to minimize both false positives and false negatives originating from variant interpretation.


CGI will provide to commercial companies variant classification and reclassification services faster, more accurately, and at lower-cost than they can do on their own. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit company, CGI prioritizes transformative services to ultimately benefit patients, rather than maximizing profits. At the same time, CGI is operated with the focus and efficiency of a for-profit company by experienced, industry professionals. CGI will succeed by transparently innovating and achieving an economy of scale that few, if any, companies can achieve in isolation or in limited partnerships. CGI’s greatest global impact will be attained through serving the companies, hospital systems, and clinics that run genetic tests for millions of patients and consumers each year.

Ultimately, CGI aims to improve global healthcare in the genetics sector by increasing accuracy of genetic testing while driving down costs, allowing greater access to quality genetics.