Heather King, MBA

Heather King has always been passionate and focused on patients and their care.  Graduating from college at age 19, she immediately began working in the pharmaceutical industry and stayed for almost a decade in various roles with large companies. After learning more about her family history of cancer, she chose to undergo hereditary cancer genetic testing. Heather’s passion for patients pushed her into the cancer germline setting, where she worked in various capacities for another decade. Her mantra of always trying to do the right thing to help healthcare providers help their patients has pushed her to learn more and be the voice for patients, even when patients don’t know they need someone advocating for them behind the scenes.  Disrupting the genetic space to uncover that patients aren’t always getting accurate results has brought her to the Center for Genomic Interpretation. Heather is also the Educational Director for Hope Abounds, a cancer non-profit covering patients in North and South Carolina.