Clinical Laboratory News: ELEVATEGENETICS Helps Align Reimbursement with Genetic Test Value

Jan 2, 2021 | News

Aligning Genetic and Genomic Test Reimbursement With Value of Tests” is an invited article just published in Clinical Laboratory News of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, authored by CGI’s Drs. Eggington and Garlapow. They summarize issues with technical accuracy that often beset clinical genetic and genomic testing laboratories. Eggington and Garlapow group quality of testing into five broad categories: personnel and laboratory accreditations; test ordering, sample tracking, and quality control; analytical validation and bioinformatics; variant classification; and test report content and organization. These five categories broadly encompass key aspects of clinical genetic and genomic testing that can have large influences on patient test report accuracy and influence future health management decisions. Drs. Eggington and Garlapow propose incorporation of quality audits in addition to current laboratory accreditations in order to better reveal the technical accuracy of laboratories, as well as the clinical utility, turnaround times, and costs of genetic tests. Understanding true value of testing, through programs like CGI’s ELEVATEGENETICS, would better equip clinicians and payers with the ability to differentiate between labs and choose diagnostic options that lead to better patient healthcare and reduced healthcare costs. Read the full article here.