March 2023 – The Data Driven Point of View

Mar 15, 2023 | News

PROBLEM: A government convened workgroup discovered that CLIA mandated proficiency testing is “too easy“. As a result, too many low quality labs with both CLIA & CAP accreditation are issuing too many inaccurate genetic & genomic test results, which are guiding incorrect patient care. Yet, regulators aren’t making meaningful headway to fix the problem.

SOLUTION: By tying insurance reimbursement to a lab’s rigorous demonstration of accuracy, market forces can solve the problem. First, CGI is providing the assessment methods, then a volunteer expert & patient advocacy committee is providing the grading thresholds needed to rank competing genetics & genomics tests.

CGI is here to ensure your patients are getting accurate results!

The nonprofit Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) can assist by taking a non-biased approach by reviewing testing options to ensure the tests are being accurately represented. When choosing a genetic testing lab, ensure you are ordering or choosing a lab for ‘in network’ status that is delivering accurate results! Let us analyze this quickly and inexpensively today! Our review of a lab test’s technical accuracy costs less than a single risk reducing surgery or precision medicine therapy option.

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