October 2022 – The Data Driven Point of View

Oct 18, 2022 | News


There are systematic problems with accuracy in CLINICAL GENETICS & GENOMICS.   Also, accustomed to self-policing, the genetics and genomics lab community express concerns about quality threshold requirements from insurance payors. 

This thinking and insufficient regulation does not allow precision medicine to move forward to improve patient care and outcomes.

“The most important thing if we’re going to succeed with precision medicine, is we have to get this right.” – Lon Castle, Chief Medical Officer of Molecular Genetics and Personalized Medicine at EviCore.


One payor, Highmark, has stepped forward to “be the opening shot” to combat it. Other large payors will join them soon as they understand what is at stake for patient care.

The nonprofit Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI) can assist by taking a non-biased approach by reviewing testing options to ensure the tests are being accurately represented. When choosing a genetic testing lab, ensure you are ordering or choosing a lab for ‘in network’ status that is delivering accurate results! Let us analyze this quickly and inexpensively today! Our review of a lab test’s technical accuracy costs less than a single risk reducing surgery or precision medicine therapy option.

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